Reinterview Schedule

Background Information

How old are you?
Where are you currently living?
Is it the same place as the last time we talked?
With the same or different people?
If there have been changes in your living situation, please explain them.
Has there been any change in your marital status?
If so, when and what?
If you have been recently married or divorced, what does/did your spouse do?
Do you have children? Ages?


Have there been any deaths, births, or marriages of note in your family?
When did they occur?
Have there been any family disagreements or reconciliations that have affected you?
When and what?
Please describe your current relations with your parents, brothers, and sisters.
Do you get along better with some than with others?


Are you currently working?
At what?
Do you like it?
Do you do well at it?
What sorts of things give you trouble?
What sorts of things are easy for you?
How do you get along with the people at work?
Are any of them friends?
How do you get along with your boss or supervisor?
Are you doing the same thing that you did when we last talked?
When did the change happen?
What specially occurred?
How do you spend your leisure time?


Are you currently in school?
What grade are you in?
What are you majoring in?
Do you like school?
What sorts of things are easy for you?
What sorts of things give you trouble?
How do you get along with the people at school?
Are any of them friends?
How do you get along with your teachers?
What extracurricular activities do you do?
When will you finish school?
What will you do afterwards?
What would happen if you were to quit?
Do you know anyone who has quit?
What's happened to him or her?


How are you spending time with friends these days?
What activities do you engage in?
Are you still seeing the same people?
Are you seeing any new people?
When did this happen?
Are there any people you've stopped seeing?
When did this happen?
Have there been any changes in how you're spending time with people?
Please explain.
Has one friend or another become a best friend; or the other way around, has one best friend fallen from favor?
Who? When?
Are you seeing one group of people or different groups?
Do they know each other or do you keep them separate?
Are you seeing some friends or groups of friends more than you used to?
Some friends or group of friends less than you used to?
When did this happen?
If you're seeing different groups of friends, do you do the same things with them or do you have different activities for each group?
What are the differences?
Does your drug use vary from group to group or is it consistent no matter where you are?
Is this true for your friends also?
Did you meet your current friends mostly through work? Hanging around? School? Grew up with them? Other? Please explain.
Is there one place where you're inclined to hang out?
How long have you known your different friends?
Please describe your friends: age, sex, race, background, religion.
Are you spending more or less time alone these days than you used to?
Are you currently using more or fewer drugs than your friends?
Do some of your friends use more drugs than others?
What are the differences?
Have you some friends who use no drugs at all?
Have some of your friends stopped using drugs?
In what ways, if any, have your friends' drug-use patterns changed?
Have you ever run a group or felt that one revolved around you?
Are some of your friends either dead set against or really crazy for drugs?
What do your parents/spouse think about your friends?
Have your parents/spouse changed their attitudes about your friends? When?

Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Husband/Wife

Do you currently have a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife?
How long have you been with him/her?
How many serious relationships have you had in the past?
How long did they last? (and/or)
Are you more inclined to have a variety of quick relationships?
Are you seeing the same person as when we last spoke?
If he or she is different from the previous person, or if you didn't have one last time, how did you meet?
How's the relationship going?
How long have you been seeing each other?
Do you and your mate have a sexual relationship?
Is it satisfactory, or are there a lot of problems?
Do you and/or your mate use drugs when you have sex?
Most of the time?
Compared to your friends of the same sex, did you have sexual relations with a mate relatively early?
The same time as everyone else?
Later than everyone else?
Have you ever had homosexual relations?
As a regular pattern?
To the exclusion of or in addition to heterosexual relations?


In general, how have things been going for you?
What concerns or problems have come up during the last six months?
What things have gone well?
Have you tried any new activities or interests lately? For example, music, meditation.
Have you joined any groups, clubs, or organizations?
What other ones do you belong to?
Are you active?
Have you acquired any new possessions of note?
Stereo? Car? House?
Have you got rid of any?
How's your health these days? Physical? Emotional?
If any major changes, when did they occur?
Have you done any traveling recently?
Are there any things you're particularly looking forward to doing?
Have you had any trouble with the law, school, or work?
What was the nature of the difficulty? What happened?
When did it happen?
Have you talked to a physician or counselor about your drug use since we last spoke?
When did this happen?


What drugs have you used in the last six months and with what frequency?

Amphetamines? Cocaine?
Barbiturates, tranquilizers, Quaaludes?
Opiates, heroin, Dilaudid, etc.?
Are you using larger or smaller amounts of these drugs or using at a higher or lower frequency than when we last talked?
Are you using with the same people, new people, no people?
If any change from last time, please explain and indicate when the change occurred?
What drugs are your friends using that are new for them or that have come back into use?
For example, alcohol.
When did this change occur?
Are your friends using any drugs that you're not using?
Is this a change or has it always been that way?
If a change, when did it happen?
Are your friends using more or less frequently than they used to?
On different occasions or just anytime?
How does your use of drugs with your girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife compare with your use with your friends?
Greater than? Less than? Same as?
Has anybody who didn't know about your use before found out recently that you use drugs?
For example, your parents.
Is knowledge of your drug use a carefully guarded secret or do most people you're in contact with know about it?
Is your use currently consistent or does it occur in fits and starts?
Have you had any recent periods of heavy use?
Light use?
Any periods of use that has been out of control?
When did these changes occur?
If you returned to using a drug, please explain why.
Do you find that you usually have one drug as a mainstay or do you switch around?
Have you tried any new drugs since we last talked?
Which one(s)?
How often? What pattern of use did you establish?
Do you enjoy drug use more when you're alone or when you're with others?
Do you usually plan when you'll use a drug or is it more by chance?
Are there some times during the day, week, month, or season when you're more inclined to use one drug than another?
For example, psychedelics in good weather or the spring?
Heroin on the weekend?
Marihuana before dinner?
Daytime versus nighttime?
Which of the drugs that you either have used in the past or currently use do you prefer?
Do you mix drugs or do you prefer to keep them separate?
Have you in the past six months overdosed or had an adverse drug reaction?
Do you have any rules about using drugs?
Are there any things you check on before you use a drug?
Are there any activities that your use of drugs make more difficult or impossible? Easier?
What activities do you particularly enjoy when you're high?
Are you likely to use drugs only in a particular place or will any place do?
Are there any activities, drug-related or not, that your friends enjoy that you do not enjoy?
For example, breaking and entering?
If you were to tell a new drug user three important things about using, what would they be?
Where did you get this information?
Do you have any rules about when or where to use, or do you pretty much use when you feel like it?
Have you turned anybody on for the first time recently?
How did it go?
Have you dealt drugs recently?
Which ones?
How often?
To make money or to cover costs?
Where have you got your most reliable information about drugs?
Least reliable?
Do you feel closer to the drug freak world or to the straight nondrug world?
What do you think about the laws relating to drugs?
Have your opinions of them changed in the last six months?
If so, when and how?
As you look back on your drug use, have there been changes in your pattern of consumption?
What has caused the change?
A geographic move?
Change in friends?
Went to or left work or school?
Broke up with or met a girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife?
Change in health?
Change in interests?
Do you plan to keep on using drugs?
How do you feel about your current pattern of use?
Too much? Not enough?