COMMON NAMES: DOM, serenity tranquillity peace.

STP burst onto the psychedelic scene in the form of five thousand high-dosage tablets given away on June 21, 1967, at the Summer Solstice Celebration in San Francisco's. Golden Gate Park. Resulting tales of madness mingled with those of euphoria to create the legend of STP.

Even the origin of the letters STP contributes to the paradoxical nature of this hallucinogen. A synthetic amphetamine-related psychedelic similar to DMA, MDA, MM DA, and TMA, its actions are both stimulant and pseudo-hallucinogenic. Does STP stand for the motor-oil addative-the speed side of the drug-or is STP short for "serenity, tranquillity, and peace"-- the hallucinogenic property? "Yes" is the answer to both.

STP, or 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine, is more correctly referred to as DOM. Like LSD, it may be taken orally, dissolved on tablets, sugar cubes, or stamps, or injected. An average dose of tasteless, odorless white crystalline powder is 1-5 mg. As psychedelics go, the trip is usually long and intense, beginning in about one hour and lasting from eight to twenty-four hours. Some have claimed trips of several days, but such reports are rare.

A dose of less than 1 mg acts as a euphoriant, while larger doses produce trips similar to those from LSD or mescaline. Physical responses are similar to those of amphetamines, as it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and causes increased heart rate, blood pressure, reduction of appetite, tremors, sweating, and pupil dilation. Amphetamine-like effects are less pronounced than psychological responses.

As with LSD, set (the user's psychological frame of reference) and setting (his physical surroundings) profoundly affect the course of the trip. Visual perception is altered; colors create a new world of brilliance and clarity; shapes and forms evolve and change. Time and space interweave while the self stands apart and observes it all. Mood changes may vacillate between sadness and ,joy; confusion and anxiety may ensue. An unusually high percentage of bummers have occurred with STP because of the trip's duration and intensity. Thorazine is a controversial treatment; disagreement exists as to whether the drug alleviates or potentiates effects of a -bad trip. Tolerance develops rapidly if STP is frequently used. Physical dependence has not been proved and-the drug does not create withdrawal symptoms. Lethal dosage has not been determined.

STP is presently under the Drug Abuse Control Amendment with one convicted of possession liable to a fine up to $1,000 and/or imprisonment for a maximum of one year.