Niando (Alchornea floribunda) is a shrub member of the spurge family common to Uganda, Liberia,-and Nigeria When used as an aphrodisiac by African natives, sometimes in combination with other drugs such as iboga, niando is generally prepared by steeping the root bark in palm or banana wine. This method of preparation is part of the drug's problem.

Since yohimbine nay be the main active ingredient in niando, combining it: with alcohol can be deadly. These two chemicals potentiate each other and can be highly toxic when used together. Never use the drug with antihistamines, amphetamines, or other narcotics, either. If you suffer from hepatitis, hypoglycemia, or blood-pressure disorders, or from kidney, heart, or liver trouble, forget it.

Niando can stimulate sex drive, but as the drug wears off deep depression can set in. Sometimes death follows . : . hardly worth the trouble.

Our advice: If you need stimulation, see an X-rated movie " and forget niando.