COMMON NAMES: big D, D, dillies, junk, shit, stuff, white stuff - Dilaudid, chemically known as hydromorphine hydro chloride, is a painkiller originally synthesjzed and promoted as a safe, nonaddicting substitute for morphine. Although it is a necessary and useful medicine, the drug is no less habit forming than other opiates.

A potent semi-synthetic derivative of morphine, Dilaudid is generally effective for severe or chronic pain. It is usually prescribed for postoperative pain,' heart attack, cancer, bone fractures, burns, and the acute coughs of colic, tuberculosis,

. bronchitis, pleurisy, and tracheitis. Processed into a fine, white, odorless, water-soluble crystalline powder, it is available as an injectible fluid, rectal, suppository, cough syrup, soluble tablet, or powder for compounding. In hospitals, the drug is most often injected for optimal potency.

Dilaudid preparations are similar to those containing morphine, but are stronger and have fewer side effects. A moderate dose of Dililaudid alleviates pain in about fifteen minutes, often placing the now pain-free patient in a euphoric daze for from five to six hours. Users may suffer from nausea, vomiting, constipation, dizziness, or anorexia (loss of appetite), but such reactions are rare. Generally, a medically supervised dose will relieve painful symptoms without unpleasant side effects. Although with prolonged regular use it can be addictive, the benefits derived from normal medical use far outweigh the minor risk of dependency.

A small _ percentage of abusers pick up their habits by swallowing tiny Dilaudid tablets and later, graduate to mainlining-shooting larger and larger doses into their veins. As with any narcotic, a missed fix results in a protracted, painful period of withdrawal. Dilaudid addicts are most often limited to health professionals or their families, since there is no significant black market far the drug. Able to obtain their necessary dose, they, can hide their addiction, though their minds may be clouded and dazed most of the time.

Dilaudid is regulated, as .a narcotic, under Schedule ii of the federal Controlled Substances Act.