COMMON NAMES: demis s, junk, shit, stuff, white stuff Demerol is a potent, effective painkiller for childbirth, cancer, acute injuries; and many pre- and postoperative aches; it is also useful in relieving anxiety and depression.

A synthetic opiate analgesic known by a variety of chemical names: meperidine, perthidine, dolantin, dolantol,and isonipecaine-Demerol shares with its opiate cousins the harrowing side effect of addiction. Although the drug is more habit-forming than codeine, short-term, physician-prescribed ; use is unlikely to result in addiction.

In pure form, Demerol is a white, crystalline powder. It is marketed as an injectible fluid, multi-colored tablet, or. banana-flavored oral medicine. Most effective when injected intravenously, it can relieve excruciating pain from three to four hours. The drug should be avoided, however, by asthmatics and those suffering from pulmonary disease:

Demerol -should never be taken with MAO inhibitors such as yohimbine, harmala alkaloids, tryptamines, or the drugs Marplan, Catron, Parnate, Eutonyl, Eutron, Nardil, Niamid, and Marsalid, since overdose might result in severe respiratory depression and coma.

Some users' experience nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and sweating, although these side effects are relatively un common. Abusers seek the euphoric, lightheaded feeling the drug produces. Because Demerol impairs mental and physical functioning, activities requiring fine motor coordination and judgment, such as driving or operating complex machinery, should be restricted..

Although there is no significant underground market for Demerol, abusers do exist, managing. to procure prescription refills from cooperative physicians and pharmacists. It is often used by habituated medical professionals who have ready access to pharmaceutical supplies. Noted for their hazy, erratic behavior, these abusers can usually hide the true nature of their addiction from an unsuspecting world.

Demerol is regulated by federal law under Schedule II of the Controlled Substances Act.