Does it or doesn't it?

The debate as to whether or not catnip can get one high has been going on among'potheads for many years. Many teenagers, particularly in -times of grass or allowance shortage, have even given it a try. After all, it can be legally bought in any pet store and costs less than a dollar for an ounce. But just because Tabby does flips over the stuff, don't expect to be doing the same if you indulge,

Catnip is an herb member of the mint family. Chemically, it includes mepetalacton, nepetaliic acid, and metabilacetone. Its active ingredient, which has not yet been identified, lies in its volatile oil:

Catnip can be taken in a variety of ways. Occasionally it is brewed. into a tea. Most often, catnip leaves are smoked in a pipe or in the form of a joint. Catnip liquid extract may be sprayed directly onto tobacco and smoked that way.

The most effective way to use catnip is to smoke it in 50/50 mixture with tobacco. This makes the mild euphoric feeling it produces slightly longer-lasting and more intense.

Catnip is significantly weaker than marijana, thus large quantities must be smoked to bring on even a mild buzz. It doesn't have any mind-altering effects, nor does it have any dangerous or unpleasant side effects. If you smoke a lot, remember: The tobacco with which it is mixed is addictive and a danger to your health.