3.10 Ecstasy (XTC) see also 4.10

Ecstasy makes its user as soft as butter. Even the toughest, aggressive macho will turn into a softie." Gerben Hellinga and Hans Plomp Uit je bol' (1 reaking out), 11)94.

The 'love drug' of the nineties is sold in tablet form. The pills have different colours and often have pictures on them. Its image as a love drug derives from the substance MDMA, which creates an atmosphere of confidentiality and intimacy. But Ecstasy also has the reputation of being a 'party drug', which enables you to dance for nights and nights without getting tired. This too, is due to MDMA, a substance with a double effect.

How does Ecstasy work?

Ecstasy is a speed derivative. But apart from stimulating, Ecstasy also has a psychotomimetic (mind-altering) effect. With excessive use, (several pills in one night or taken several days after each r), the speed effect takes over. An ingested tablet or capsule takes effect after about 20 to 60 minutes. The effect is strongest during the first hour and
ebbs away thereafter. Ecstasy wears out after four to six hours.

How can you tell Ecstasy use in prison? 

Ecstasy users become active and cheerful. Many Ecstasy users will feel the urge to be nice to eachother. The use of Ecstasy does not lead to aggression.

A little 'talking pill'

Ecstasy makes you talkative. This is why in America in the seventies, it was sometimes used experimentally in the psychiatric field to get people to talk.