1.5 The flu

The flu, (Influenza), is a relatively harmless viral disease which mainly appears in the winter when one's resistance is low.

Do you always get sick when you catch it?

No, this depends on one's resistance. The lower the resistance or the weaker someone's physical condition, the greater the chance to get sick.

What are the symptoms?

High fever, head, muscle and sometimes throat pain and a dry cough.

Can the flu be cured? Yes. Within a week, most people are back on their feet by themselves.

How can the flu be prevented? The infection itself can hardly be prevented. But 'flu shots' are available each winter if one's health is not that good, for example, if one has heart problems. Also, in several countries, entire professional groups are vaccinated against the flu.

How do you catch it?

The flu virus is spread through the air. it can be caught through normal social contact, that is, one can already become infected by simply holding conversations, eating and exercising with other people.