What is in methadone mixture DTF 1mg/ml?

Methadone itself is a white crystal powder which Is weighed in milligrams. 1 he powder is either dissolved in fluid or pressed with bulking agents into tablet form.

Chloroform water is a standard preservative used 1 11 medicine manufacture; it has no psychoactive effect . Its use in methadone (lee,, mean that, if injected, the chloroform irritates and roughens the lining of the vein (causing a painful, burning sensation), the blood then clots and sticks in the damaged section, eventually collapsing the vein.

Glucose syrup is simply a mixture of glucose and water that is used to bull< up the fluid to the right concentralion.

Tartrazine or E102 is a very common yellow food colouring used in things like chewing gum, fizzy drinks ,in(] mint sauce. Tartrazine has a bad reputation because it may cause hyperactivity in young children. Problems in adults are rare but in some susceptible people (usually those who react to aspirin and/or have asthma) sensitivity may develop: skin rashes, hayfever, tight chest, blurred vision and purple patches on the skin are all symptoms.

If you think you are sensitive to tartrazine check the labels on your food packets and cut it out of your diet and talk it over with your prescriber and pharmacist.

Green S or F142
is a green food colouring used in tinned peas and mint sauce etc. It has no known side effects.

If your pharmacist buys a non-DTF formulation or mixes up the methadone on site they may use a different combination of colourings so it may be clear, blue, brown, yellow or bright green - but the colour doesn't affect the methadone at all. The colourings are added so that methadone looks different from other medicines - to stop people mistaking it for something else and taking it by accident.

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