Chemist shops and pharmacists

This section may not apply to you as many prescribing agencies dispense their own methadone and some have collecting from a local pharmacy as a second stage
of the programme So skip or save this section, depending on how you are going to pick up your

There are lots of grapevine tales about staff with attitude problems - hut remember they have
probably heard about (or had of) drug users with what they see as attitude problems too'.

it is no good being at war with your pharmacist there are problems that s/he can help you solve. It will pay off if you can find one of the many pharmacists who want to get to know and help you.

The information on the next two pages should help you to understand what the world looks like from their side of the counter and give you a realistic idea about what you can and can't expect from them - which will help you to avoid most of the arguments that people with scripts and pharmacists can get into.

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