Notification to the Home Office

There is a lot of unnecessary worry and confusion about this unavoidable part of getting a script, which can do you no harm now or in the future.

Doctors are required to notify the Addicts Index if they see patients who are addicted to certain drugs including heroin, methadone and cocaine The index is used to provide statistical information to help develop policies and local services for drug users. It also allows doctors to check whether a patient seeking treatment is already receiving treatment from another doctor

However this may change as the government may abolish the Addicts index and only collect statistical data regionally rather than nationally. Ask your doctor or drug worker what the current situation is.

Having been notified to the Addicts Index is known by many as being 'a registered addict' but, in fact, there is no such status.

The Addicts Index maintains strict standards of confidentiality - if it didn't, doctors and drug agencies would have nothing to do with it because it would breach their policies of confidentiality. No personal information is ever given to the police, visa authorities, employers or anyone else other than doctors enquiring about patients coming under their care.

If your local police do find out you've got a script it won't be from the Index, or your drug service. All police forces check the controlled drugs registers of pharmacies on their patch from time to time. They do this to make sure that everything is in order but it means they can see who has a methadone script too.

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