The Law

If you have any legal problems at all with methadone, or any other drug for that matter, the best people to speak to for advice, help and information are the RELEASE 24-hour helpline on: 0171 603 8654; or your solicitor, doctor or drug worker.

When it comes to deciding the penalty for certain offences methadone is in the same class as heroin under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. As a class A drug, charges of both unlawful possession and supplying methadone (this includes giving or sharing as well as selling it) are likely to be referred to Crown Court where the maximum penalty for unlawful possession is seven years plus an unlimited fine, and for supply 'trafficking' - the maximum is life plus an unlimited fine.

Selling, sharing or giving away your methadone can easily jeopardise your script, overdose a non-tolerant person and cause serious legal problems ...

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