Cocaine the Legend
About Coca Leaves and Cocaine

by Jorge Hurtado Gumucio



Chapter 1 The Coca Leaf: Anthropological and Social Issues

Chapter 2 The Coca Leaves: Scientific Aspects
Dispensius form
Are there compensating elements in coca leaves?
Chewing as an automatic and practical regulator or the maximum therapeutic dose

Chapter 3 Cocaine Chlorhydrate: Scientific aspects
Cocaine as stimulant
Administration forms
Synthetic anesthetics and their commercial success as psychotropic or stimulant substances

Chapter 4 The Industrialization of Coca in the United States
The legal cocaine club

The war against the traffic of narcotics: a protection of the monopoly of legal cocaine?
Narco-traffic: The illegal competition to Coca-Cola
What solutions have been set forth?

Chapter 5 Drug Dependence Cocaine Chlorhydrate Usage
Trip experiences
Cocaine chlorhydrate: General conclusions
Some social aspects on cocaine crystal use
Cocaine sulfate (pasta)
Forms of administration
Effects of pasta at low doses
Effects of pasta at high doses
The pasta's paranoid syndrome
Collective paranoia
Controlled paranoia
Trip experiences
Mechanism of the action of pasta
Hypothalamus pleasure center
Monkeys addicted to electrons
Relapse mechanism
Coca leaf chewing treatment
General conclusions
Statistics Tables

Chapter 6 Table summary, Explanatory Notes and Conclusions