Drug Use as a Social Ritual:
Functionality, Symbolism and
Determinants of Self-Regulation

Grund, Jean-Paul C. Drug Use as a Social
Ritual: Functionality, Symbolism and
Determinants of Self-Regulation.
Instituut voor Verslavingsonderzoek, 1993.


Part I: The Study of Drug Taking Rituals
The Concept of Ritualization
Description of the Study
Heroin Rituals
The Nesting of Cocaine in Heroin Rituals
Transitions Between Rituals of Administration
Rituals of Regulation: Instrumental Functions of Solitary Drug Use Ritual
Symbolic Elaboration in Solitary Drug Use Ritual
Drug Use as a Social Ritual

Part II: Drug Use Rituals, Health Problems and Drug Policy
Health Consequences of Chasing and Injecting: A Comparison
Drug Sharing and HIV Transmission Risks: Frontloading and Backloading among Injecting Drug Users
The Sharing of Needles and Other Injection Paraphernalia: An Ethnographic Analysis
Is Needle Sharing a Ritual?
Reaching the Unreached: Targeting Hidden IDU Populations with Clean Needles via Known Users
Changing Cocaine Smoking Rituals in the Rotterdam Heroin Using Population
Drug Use Contexts and HIV-Consequences: The Effect of Drug Policy on Patterns of Everyday Drug Use in Rotterdam and the Bronx

Part III: Self-regulation, Drug Culture and Drug Policy
Social Determinants of Self Regulation in Psychoactive Drug Use: Towards an Explanatory Model
Drug Culture and Drug Policy: Implications for Future Development

An Overview of the Conclusions
Glossary of Medical Terminology