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Books - The Opium War Through Chinese Eyes
Written by Richard Morris   


Arrival of Lin at Canton, March oth.
Lin demands surrender of opium, March 18th.
Elliot agrees to surrender of opium, March 27th.
Lin becomes titular Governor-General of Kiangnan and
Kiangsi, but remains at Canton, April 22nd. New opium regulations reach Canton, July 6th. Murder of Lin Wei-hsi, July 7th.
Lin goes to Hsiang-shan Island, August isth. English begin to leave Macao, August 2oth. Evacuation of Macao complete, August 27th. Arrival of H.M.S. Volage, August 3oth.
Lin visits Macao, September znd.
Lin leaves Macao, September 3rd.
Battle of Kowloon, September 4th.
Arrival of H.M.S. Hyacinth, c. September 8th. Battle of Chuenpi, November 3rd.
Sale of the Cambridge to Delano, November 3oth.


Sale of the Cambridge to Lin, January.
Captain Warner undertakes to bring Lin's letter to Queen Victoria, January i8th.
Lin hears he is to be Governor-General of Kwangtung and Kwangsi, January 26th.
Main body of English expeditionary force arrives, June 2 ISt.
Fall of Ting-hai, July sth.
Kidnapping of Vincent Stanton, August sth.
Battle of the Barrier, August i9th.
The Emperor sees Palmerston's letter, August 2oth.
Lin learns that he is no longer Govemor-General, October i3th.
Lin learns that he must go to Peking for trial, October 20th.
Return of Captain Elliot to Macao, November 2oth.
Ch`i-shan arrives at Canton, November 29th. Retirement of Admiral Elliot, November 29th.


Fall of Shakok and Taikok forts, January 7th.
Convention of Chuenpi signed, January 2oth.
Ting-hai returned to Chinese, February 2 Eth.
Fall of Middle Bogue forts and death of Admiral Kuan, February 26th.
Canton factories reoccupied, March i8th
Yang Fang arranges precarious truce, March 2oth. Lin leaves Canton, May 3rd.
English again quit factories, May 2ist.
Chinese agree to pay six million dollars to save Canton from attack, May 27th.
Indignant peasants surround sixty British soldiers who
had been looting, etc., near San-yiian-li, May 29th. Second expeditionary force sails north, August 2ist. Second fall of Ting-hai, October 1st.
'Tall of Chen-hai, October loth.
Fall of Ningpo, October 13th.
842 Chinese attempt to recapture Ningpo, March loth. Ningpo evacuated by English, May 7th.
Fall of Chapu, May 18th.
Fall of Shanghai, June 19th.
Fall of Chinkiang, July 21st.
Treaty signed at Nanking, August 29th.


Our valuable member Richard Morris has been with us since Tuesday, 21 February 2012.

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