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Mixture, linctus, injectables and tablets PDF Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Preston   
Tuesday, 19 January 2010 00:00

Mixture, linctus, injectables and tablets

In the treatment of opiate dependence methadone is usually prescribed as 'methadone mixture 1 mg/1 ml' or 'methadone mixture DTF 1 mg/1 ml' All hough often called linctus' 1 mg/1ml is 2.5 times stronger than methadone linctus which is usually prescribed for people with chronic, painful coughing.

Methadone mixture is widely available as a sugarfree preparation, it is also available free from colourings and also comes in more concentrate(] forms.

Methadone can be prescribed as tablets, sometimes under the, trade name of Physeptone. Each one contains 5mg of methadone. Doctors are advised not to prescribe them by the Department of Health because they are worth more on the illicit market and people sometimes damage their veins by crushing and injecting them.

Methadone also comes in an injectable form - again sometimes under the trade name Physeptone. The ampoules usually contain 10mg of methadone per 1 ml of fluid but can also be prescribed in more concentrated forms.

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