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Author's Note

Comments and suggestions that followed publication of the Greek edition of "The Knowledge of the Womb" led to a differentiation of its presentation in the English edition.   This means that, among other things, paragraphs and chapters have been changed around, a certain amount of new material has been added, some very little removed, and phraseology has been revised - all with the aim of making the English text flow better and therefore easier for the reader to follow. The basic ideas and conclusion incorporated in the Greek text, however, remain unchanged

Author's Acknowledgements

I am deeply indebted to Ms Sandra Morris for her many contributions to this book. These include her excellent translation of the Greek text into English, her typing of the English manuscript, and her professional editing of both the Greek and English editions. During the writing of the manuscript Ms Morris also contributed significantly to the analysis of the material and to the clarification of concepts incorporated in this study. Throughout, her approach was supportive and sensitive, which proved invaluable to the development and completion of the work.

I am extremely grateful to Mr Arnold Crush who gave the English text its final and important brushing up. Mr Crush also made challenging suggestions which led me to rearrange the sequence of the main parts of the book.

I also wish to thank Mrs Eliza Stabekis for her assistance in the English translation of cases R4 and RS


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