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Books - The History and Natural History of Ephedra as SOMA
Written by S. Mahdihassan   


Our system is divisible into body and mind. An energizer is one which, if it makes the consumer feel he has become physically stronger, it also makes him feel happier. All such drugs are energizers-cum-euphoriants. The following verses reveal Soma as euphoriant. 1.5.5. Nigh to the Soma drinker come, for his enjoyment, these drops, the Soma mingled with cruds.
1.14.4. These juices gladden and exhilarate the meath drops resting in the cup (exhilaration is not intoxication). 1.56.6 Thou ((Indra), gladdened by the juice, hast broken Virtras (cloud demon's) stony fences through and through. 1.91.13. Soma, be happy in our heart, as a youngman in his own house. 1.91.17. Wax, 0 most gladdening Soma, and be a friend of most illustrious fame and prosper us. 4.42.6. The God's own conquering power never impedeth me whom none opposeth. When Soma juice has made me joyful, both the unbounded regions (heaven and earth) are af frightend.
8.33.1. Tell forth the deeds of Indra wrought in the Soma's wild delight.
8.33.4. Drink of the juice to make thee glad.
8.46.14. In the wild raptures of the juice sing to your Hero with high laud to him the wise.
8.48.7. May we enjoy with an enlivened spirit the juice thou givest like the ancestral riches (as source of happiness). 9.6.3. That ancient gladdening juice.
9.12.3. In the stream's wave, wise Soma dwells, distilling rapture, in his seat, resting upon a wild cow's hide.
9.17.3. With swelling wave, the gladdening drink, the Soma flows into the sieve, slaying fiends (being so powerful, and power gives happiness).
9.100.8. Striving within the votary's house thou drivest all the glooms away.
9.107.14. The living drops of Soma juice pour, the gladdening drink, intelligent drops, exhilarating.
10.25.1. Soma send us a good and happy mind, send energy and mental powers.
10.25.8. Be watchful, Soma, passing wise, to give us store of vital strength, more skilled than man to guide us, save us from harm and sorrow.
9.21.2. Bring thy praiser vital force.
10.97.15. "Let fruitful plants and fruitless, those that blossom and the blossomless, urged onward by Brihaspati, release us from our pain and grief." The selection should suffice to indicate Soma was antidepressent and euphoriant, and exhilarating drink, making one energetic, wealthy and wise. The mind remained alert maintaining its normal wits, there was no hallucination or abnormal thinking in any form.

Our valuable member S. Mahdihassan has been with us since Sunday, 24 March 2013.

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