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Reports - Report of the International Opium Commission

SHANGHAI, I 5t11 March, 19o9.
To Signor R. FARAONE,
Delegate for Italy to the International Opium Commission.
In accordance with the desire expressed by the President in his letter to you of the 25th February, I now beg to send you for perusal a copy of the Minutes, and shall be glad if you will record your vote where necessary. I may draw your attention to the following
Page 57 : 1th Session : Previous question moved by Mr. Miyaoka, during the discus-sion on Dr. Tenney's Resolution ;
Page 6o : Dr. Riissler's Amendment to the third of the Resolutions put forward by the British Delegation ;
Page 60 : The third of the British Resolutions ;
Page 73 : 12th Session : Monsieur Ratard's Amendment to the Second of the Resolutions submitted by the Chinese Delegation.
I am also enclosing a copy of the Resolutions as they were finally adopted by the Commission.
With your permission, I propose to insert this letter and your reply at the end of the Minutes for the t4th Session.
I remain, etc.
(Signed) FRED. \V. CAREY,
Hon. Secretary to the International Opium Conzmission.
SHANGHAI, 15th March, 19o9.
International Opium Commission.
In reply to your letter of to-day's date, I beg to record my vote on the Resolutions adopted by the International Opium Commission, as follows :—
itth Session (page 57): Mr. Miyaoka's 'previous question': No ; th Session (page 6o): Dr. Riissler's Amendment: Aye;
th Session (page 6o): Original Resolution: Aye.
In explanation of my vote here, I may say that, it having been decided by a majority that the Cornmission was not so constituted as to permit the investigation from a scientific point of view of the properties and effects of opium and its products, I concur with Mr. Miyaoka's view that all that remains for us to do is to recommend that phase of the question to our respective Governments.
i2th Session (page 73): Monsieur Ratard's Amendment:
With reference to this Amendment, since the Resolution as finally adopted by the Commission entirely meets my views, it is obvious that I need not now consider any previous ,cliscussion pro or con.
I agree to all other Resolutions as finally and unanimously adopted by the Commis-sion, and I shall be glad if you will insert this correspondence in the Minutes as you suggest.
I remain, etc.,
(Signed) R. FARAONE,
Delegate for Italy to the International Opium Commission.