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4.2 Quiz 'What do you know about an overdose?' PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stichting Mainline   
Sunday, 10 January 2010 00:00

quiz 'What do you know about an overdose?'

This chapter regularly mentions the word 'overdose'. What is an overdose? And what must be done in case of a heroin or cocaine overdose? Test your knowledge with this quiz

1. A heroin overdose is always fatal within minutes

A. correct
B. Incorrect

2. Giving a shot of salt water helps to combat a heroin overdose

A. Correct
B. Incorrect

3. For someone not used to heroin, 0.2 gram of heroin can already be fatal

A. Correct
B. Incorrect

4. In case of a cocaine overdose, the user should best, and as quickly as possible, swallow sleeping pills or tranquillizers

A. Correct
B. Incorrect

5. When dying from a heroin overdose, the user eventually dies from suffocation

A. Correct
B. Incorrect

6. swallowing sleeping pills or tranquillizers can increase the risk of a heroin overdose

A. Correct
B. Incorrect

7. A heroin overdose does not lead to death as often as a cocaine overdose

A. Correct
B. Incorrect

8. A cocaine overdose can cause a heart attack

A. Correct
B. Incorrect

9. During an epileptic attack due to a cocaine overdose, you must try to keep open the mouth by inserting n object

A. Correct
B. Incorrect

10. The combination of heroin and benzodiazepines increases the chance of a cocaine overdose

A. Correct
B. Incorrect

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