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4.8 The risks of hallucinogens PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stichting Mainline   
Monday, 04 January 2010 00:00

4.8 The risks of hallucinogens also see 3.8 LSD "A demon had taken over my body, my senses and my soul. A terrible fear of
becoming insane kept me in its grip." These were Albert Hofmann's words after his second experience with his own discovery LSD. Because LSD intensifies the moods the LSD user could experience a so-called 'bad trip' - especially if he does not feel too good to begin with. During a bad trip the fear can turn into panic. Everyday objects can seem threatening, music may sound like an artillery attack and a room may appear as small as a shoe box. On rare occasions, individuals with a certain predisposition can become psychotic. Others may lose control and, for instance, believe they actually can fly.

Short I term

* 'Bad trip' (anxiety- and panic attacks).

* Loss of sense of reality.
Medium term

01141 term


Is LSD addictive?

No, not physically and very rarely psychologically. The effects of a trip often are so intense that only very few individuals long for a new dose of LSD

quickly. In addition, a pause of at least three days is necessary for being able to feel the effects of LSD again. After repeated use within a short period of time, the effects of LSD are no longer felt.


As the effects of mushrooms are not as strong as those of LSD, the risks are not as alarming either although the 'Liberty Cap could go down the wrong way.

Are mushrooms addictive?

No. When mushroom use is stopped abruptly, the user does not experience any withdrawal symptoms. Nor is there any psychological addiction to mushrooms. Using in quick succession during a short period of time is pointless anyway, since the effects of the mushrooms can then no longer be felt.

Can mushroom use lead to aggression?

Theoretically, a user could behave recklessly during an LSD- or mushroom trip. In addition, the panic attacks during a 'bad trip' could provoke aggressive behaviour.

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