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4.4 The risks of cannabis PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stichting Mainline   
Friday, 08 January 2010 00:00

4.4 The risks of cannabis see also 3.4

For thousands of years, hashish and marijuana have been praised for their medicinal healing qualities but just like any other drug, cannabis too has its 'side effects'. There is, for example, a reduction in concentration as well as a slowing of reflexes. Driving in a straight line also can become a difficult undertaking. Furthermore, in the middle of a conversation the cannabis user suddenly might lose his train of thought. Much more of a worry though is 'freaking out'. Then, the mellow hash experience can turn into an anxiety or panic attack, with dizziness, nausea and sometimes fainting, (this often is due to an excessive dose). In the medium term, cannabis use may lead to reduced fertility in men and women. But if cannabis use is discontinued, fertility returns to normal. Airways and lungs, however, could be irreversibly damaged. Cannabis smoke contains more carcinogenic substances and often is inhaled more deeply than tobacco smoke. This increases the risk of lung cancer.

Short term

* Reduced concentration and slower reflexes.

* 'Freaking out'.

  Medium term

Reduced fertility.

L ong term

Lung cancer.

Is cannabis addictive? Not physically, but psychologically especially when used excessively or to escape reality. Problems are then I smoked away'.

Can cannabis use lead to aggression? In theory no, because THC (the active chemical in cannabis) slows down the reflexes and relaxes the muscles.
Last Updated on Thursday, 06 January 2011 17:07

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