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4.10 The risks of Ecstasy PDF Print E-mail
Written by Stichting Mainline   
Saturday, 02 January 2010 00:00

4.10 The risks of Ecstasy see also 3.10

Ecstasy is a relatively new drug. Longterm risks are therefore not yet known. People with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and epilepsy are advised not to use Ecstasy. More so, since often enough the 'love drug' is found to contain substances which have nothing to do with Ecstasy. Sometimes a pill might contain pure speed or DOB: A strong hallucinogen whose effect lasts for 24 hours. When taking Ecstasy, a user can never be sure what he is swallowing, so naturally this is one of its biggest dangers. Another health risk is dehydration. just as with speed, the Ecstasy user can get overheated in warm and badly ventilated rooms, which can be life-threatening. (See chapter 'The risks of speed').


* Over-estimation of one's own capabilities.

* Overheating and dehydration. 

Medium term

* Sleeping disorders.

* Anxieties.

* Hallucinations.

* Depression.

* Reduced resistance.

Long term

Not yet known.

Is Ecstasy addictive?

The psychological dependence can be considerable because 'what's a party without a pill?' With regard to the physical dependence: Ecstasy does not produce withdrawal symptoms but tolerance does develop. This, by the way, only applies to the speed effect. Quick and repeated intake of Ecstasy pills is absolutely pointless in terms of the hallucinogenic effect. The mind-altering effect will only re-occur after a 30-60 day pause.

Dubious combinations

The effects of combinations with other drugs are unpredictable and therefore risky.

Can Ecstasy use lead to aggression?

No. Pure Ecstasy does not cause aggression. the adulterants, however, may.
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