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Sunday, 20 March 2011 00:00


9.1. Social Re-integration
According to Article 30 of Labour Law No. 4857, the employers are obliged to employ disab-led people, ex-convicts and victims of terrorism corresponding to 6°/0 of the number of total workers in workplaces where more than fifty employees are employed.
In cases of violation of this article, a fine shall be imposed to the relevant workplaces. Money to be obtained from this fine shall be registered as revenue in a special account in the budget of the Turkish Employment Organization to be allocated by the Ministry of Finance. The balance of this ac-count shall be transferred to the Turkish Employment Organization for professional training and vo-cational rehabilitation of the disabled and former convicts to help them set up their own businesses and for similar projects. Under the coordination of General Directorate of Turkish Employment Or-ganization, where and how to spend this money is decided by a commission comprised of one representative from the Directorate General for Labor, Directorate General for Occupational Health and Safety, Administration on Disabled People, Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Directorate Gene-ral for Prisons and Detention Houses, Ministry of Justice, Confederation of the Disabled of Turkey and from senior institutions representing the highest number of workers and employers.

Under the coordination of Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the part related to drug users in the Joint Inclusion Memorandum, which will play a significant role in the harmonization process of Turkey to European policies in the fight against poverty and social exclusion, has been prepared by the Ministry of Health and Turkish National Police (TADOUTUBIM). Works on the draft of the do-cument are still ongoing with the cooperation between our institutions.

The Provincial Focal Points structured by TUBIM in 81 provinces play an active role in deve-loping an action plan by determining risk groups and needy groups and motivating relevant institu-tions in their provinces. "Safe Hands Project" of Mugla Police Department is a good example of the-se initiatives. Aksaray Police Department has similar works conducted in cooperation with non-go-vernmental organizations.

Division for Children formed under Provincial Organizations of Turkish National Police has so-me projects on training and helping street children under risk and the children working in the stre-ets take up a profession. Children Polices, who are also responsible for the transfer of children in-volved in forensic crimes to the relevant authorities, pioneer comprehensive projects by determining groups under risk, providing the participation of the relevant organizations and carrying out activiti-es to help children who are in need of protection shelter in state organizations, continue their edu-cation and to help those who cannot continue their education take up art/profession.

Through Child and Youth Centres affiliated to Directorate General for Social Services and Child Protection, 7837 children in total were reached between 01.01.2005-31.12.2005 and it was found out that 528 of these children were drug addicts.

Children who are drug addicts and their families are oriented to treatment centres affiliated to the Ministry of Health with the aim of providing them treatment by carrying out professional studies.

There are 44 (21 boarding, 23 day) centres and eight observatory houses established with the aim of providing temporary rehabilitation and social re-integration of the children and young people, who encounter social dangers and who live in the streets, going out to streets due to such reasons as conflict between the spouses, ignorance, sickness, bad habits, poverty, abandonment etc.

9.2. Prevention of Drug-Related Crimes

Created by the Ministry of National Education with three sessions for teachers, three sessions for the families and 11 sessions for the students for 10-14 age group, "Looking After Life" training module was prepared in September 2006 and started to be implemented.

In addition to national and international prevention projects conducted at schools, services such as seminars and panels are provided to various groups by means of advisory services at scho-ols and with the participation of Provincial Health Directorates and Narcotics Police.

With "Probation Measure" that is stipulated by Article 191 of Turkish Penal Code No. 5271, instead of sentences restricting freedom, the opportunity for treatment was provided to the drug users. Consequently, the user is protected from the prison environment and efforts are made to pre-vent the crime of drug using from being committed again. As it is widely known, drug user needs to have a strong financial source so as to provide the drug s/he uses during the period s/he uses it. In case s/he does not have this financial resource, s/he can commit various crimes for the money s/he will spend in purchasing the drug.

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