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Saturday, 08 May 2010 00:00


Whereas there has been long and considerable debate in Jamaica regarding the decriminalisation or non-decriminalisation of ganja in well-defined circumstances and under specific conditions,

Whereas differing views have been urged on the advisability of allowing the possession of specified quantities of ganja, its permissible use by adults within private premises, while continuing to prohibit its smoking by juveniles or by anyone on premises to which the public ordinarily has access,

Whereas some Groups have proposed that its use as a sacrament for religious purposes ought to be sanctioned,

Whereas there is a body of scientific opinion which attests to its medicinal qualities and clinical value,

Whereas serious questions have been raised as to its impact on health, on patterns of social behaviour, its implications for the economy and possible effects relating to crime and security,

Whereas there are international treaties, conventions and regulations to which Jamaica subscribes that must be respected,

In consideration thereof a National Commission is hereby established, with the following of Reference:

To receive submissions or memoranda, hear testimony, evaluate research and studies, engage in dialogue with relevant interest Groups, and undertake wide public consultations with the aim of guiding a national approach.

To indicate what changes, if any, are required to existing Laws or entail new legislation, taking account of the social, cultural, economic and international factors.

To recommend the diplomatic initiatives, security considerations, educational process and programme of public information which will need to be undertaken in light of whatever changes may be proposed.

To consider and report on any other matter sufficiently relating to the foregoing.

To make such interim reports as it may deem fit and a final Report within a period of nine months from the first sitting.

September 2000

Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 January 2011 23:19

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