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Controlled shift was never implemented PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 06 May 2010 00:00

Controlled shift was never implemented

The tradeoff for cuts to transit zone interdiction forces was to have been a "new" concentration on institution-building and interdiction in the source countries of Latin America-an idea recognized by some for its similarity to the Bush Administration's "Andean Strategy." (Note 44) More than 18 months after unveiling the new strategy, however, ONDCP Director Brown acknowledged to a Congressional committee that the shift had not taken place. (Note 45)

Foreign assistance funding to the Andean region has, in fact, been steadily declining. As Fugure N illustrates international counternarcotics funding to the Andean region fell abruptly under the Clinton Administration, from $334.9 million in fiscal year 1993 to $131.8 million in fiscal year 1995 -- a 60 percent drop, and significantly less than the $470.3 million appropriated in fiscal year 1992 under President Bush. (Note 46) President Clinton's December 1993

Summit of Latin American leaders was notable for its focus on trade and "governance" issues-and its almost complete lack of attention to the drug is sue. A brief "action plan" on drugs contained little of note. (Note 47)

This is unfortunate since a modest investment in the source countries of Latin America can have a major impact. In Peru, for example, President Alberto Fujimori has been providing drug dealers with a clear demonstration of his willingness to control the airspace over the coca-rich Upper Huallaga Valley. Acting on his orders, the Peruvian Air Force has shot down or otherwise disabled more than 20 trafficker aircraft since March 1, 1995, leading to the lowest level of detected flight activity in over three years.

President Fujimori's hard line on drugs actually prompted the Clinton Administration to cut Peru off from receiving radar tracking data, badly damaging bilateral relations in the process. U.S. government interdiction support for Peruvian counternarcotics programs has also been held up by a misguided foreign policy that continues to punish Peru for the April 5, 1992, suspension of democracy at the expense of our critical national interest in drug control.

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