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Grey Literature - DPF: Drug Prohibition & Conscience of Nations 1990
Monday, 01 October 1990 00:00

Detailed Contents

About the Editors

Chapter 1 War Songs


The President Tells A White Lie About Crack, George Bush

First, Get The Casual Users, Office of National Drug Control Strategy

The Drug Czar Tells Off The Intellectuals William J. Bennett

Last Year's Hopeless Cause Is This Year's Opportunity For Victory William J. Bennett

Chapter 2 The Drug War is Fundamentally Unsound


The Conceptual Base Of Drug Prohibition Is Flawed George P. Shultz

The Solution Becomes The Problem Ethan Nadelmann

The Important Thing About A Holy War Is To Fight It Not To Win It Arnold S. Trebach and Kevin B. Zeese

Ignoring The Lessons Of Drug Wars Past Kevin B. Zeese

Ignoring The Great Commission Reports Arnold S. Trebach

The Whole Deal Is As Shabby As The Trick With The Bag Of Cocaine Lewis H. Lapham

Mr. Butts Runs Into An Old Friend G. B. Trudeau

Chapter 3 The Dutch Do It Better


The U.S. Ambassador Tells The Truth About Holland! John Shad

The Pragmatic Strategies Of The Dutch "Drug Czar" Eddy L Engelsman

Their Spirit Of Moderation And Experimentation Is Unmatched Arnold S. Trebach

Chapter 4 Crack: A Disaster of Historic Dimensions?


Crack: Crime, Blood, And Monster Mothers A.M. Rosenthal

The Plague Among Us Arnold S. Trebach

Women And Crack: What's The Real Story? Marsha Rosenbaum, Sheigia Murphy, Jeanette Irwin, and Lynn Watson

How Many Crack Babies? Dale Gieringer

Prohibition May Be More Toxic Than Crack Paul Goldstein, Henry H. Brownstein, PatrickJ. Ryan and Patrick A. Bellucci

It's Not All It's Cracked Up To Be Jefferson Morley

Chapter 5 The Denial of Medical Marijuana to Sick People


A Harvard Medical School Professor Tells About His Son Who Suffered From Cancer Lester Grinspoon

A Michigan Mother Tells About Her Two Sons Who Suffered From Cancer Mae Nutt

Their Government Tells Them All To Get Lost John Lawn

Politics Is The Real Issue Jim Hankins

How Cancer And AIDS Patients Suffer At The Hands Of The DEA Robert Randall

Chapter 6 Why Make Narcotic Addicts Suffer?


Milton Polansky: We Pronounced His Death Sentence Arnold S. Trebach

My Father's Life Was Redeemed In This Writing Lisa Polansky

I Feel That I Am A Responsible Person Lawrence Cushing

Barbra: I Don't Understand. Why Do I Have To Do This? D. Keith Mano

Chapter 7 Forcing People To Face Death From AIDS


Needles And The Conscience Of A Nation Edward M Brecher

AIDS: We Have No Strategy. No Program. No Policy. Cherni Gillman

Dead People Can't Get Into Drug Treatment Dukey Consuelo Davidson

Bravery In Australia Alex Wodak

Compassion And Success In Liverpool — The Mersey Harm Reduction Model Today Pat O'Hare

When They Visit New York They Say They Want to Cry Arnold S. Trebach

Chapter 8 Why Make Criminals of Marijuana Users?


Let Us Not Punish The Millions Who Choose A Different Path Marvin D. Miller

Marijuana Enhances The Lives Of Some People Lester Grinspoon

Chapter 9 Imprisoning Our Children To Save Them From Drugs


Arrest (Even Lobotomize) My Child Arnold S. Trebach

Straight Rides Over Kids Again... And Some Say They Love It Skip Hollandsworth

Chapter 10 The Soldier's Bayonet and the Headman's Axe


It Is Becoming A Real War Kevin B. Zeese

When Will We Learn The Lesson Of Ayatollah Khalkhali? Arnold S. Trebach

Keep The Troops In The Barracks Jonathan Marshall

Overkill In Panama Tom Wicker

Waging War On America's Poor Kevin B. Zeese

Rural Citizens Under The Guns And Helicopters Ronald M. Sinoway

Chapter 11 The Growing Army of Dissenters


The Mayor Of Baltimore Continues His Challenge Kurt L Schmoke

A Federal Judge Enlists Robert W Sweet

The Anger Of A Retired Chief Detective Ralph F. Salerno

The Despair Of The Foot Soldiers Arthur McBride and John T. Shuler

The American People Are Starting To Question The Drug War Richard J. Dennis

Chapter 12 Winding Down the War On Drugs


The Expert Report That The California Government Tried To Suppress California Research Advisory Panel