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Books - Cannabis in Medical Practice
Written by Mary Lynn Mathre   
In addition to the 17 authors who contributed to this book, there are others who have assisted in some way to bring this collaborative work to completion.
Roger Grant and Elizabeth Schupp, our cohorts in a video project, "Marijuana as Medicine," provided encouragement and ideas that got the project started. Lynn and Judy Osburn helped us understand the dangers of margarine and most polyunsaturated oils in contrast to the healthy alternative of hemp oil, which helped us decide to include therapeutic aspects of the whole plant. Dennis Peron's support and his introduction to Walter Krampf are greatly appreciated. Sandee Burbank and Mark Miller created the Drug Consumer Safety Guidelines, which provide a framework to reduce harm from the use of medicines. Jon Gettman coined the phrase "less is more" to describe safe, long-term use of marijuana. Also, thanks to Dr. David Busch and Jeanne Lang for taking the lead on a related issue.
David Hall and Patty Schweickert, R.N., M.S.N., our neighbors and friends, reviewed the early drafts and offered suggestions to make this book user-friendly for the general public. David Pate, in addition to being a chapter contributor, reviewed the manuscript and offered suggestions. Neil Jacobs; Tod Mikuryia, M.D.; Tom Saint, R.N. P.A.-C.; and Dave Watson have my gratitude for their learned guidance, as does Michael Farmer for helping "the way he did." Alice O'Leary was a wonderful sounding board.
Jiki Pierson and Debbie Mazonne provided their expertise to package the manuscript with a professional appearance. Kelly Hale reviewed the manuscript to provide editorial advice and catch the ever-present grammatical errors prior to sending it off to the publisher.
Lisa Bayne, an Eli Lilly & Co. historian, provided us some beautiful slides of old Tincture of Cannabis labels from their archives. David Busch, M.D., Ph.D., provided us with a historic World War II poster noting the importance of hemp in American history. Serelda Bedsole deserves much thanks for the design of the I-CARE logo. Thanks, Eric E. Skidmore, for the quote from Thomas Jefferson.
My sincere gratitude goes to eight of the federally approved medical marijuana patients who have shared their experiences with me: Robert Randall, Irvin Rosenfeld, Elvy Musikka, Corinne Millet, George McMahon, Kenny and Barbra Jenks, and Barbara Douglass. Their efforts to speak out on behalf of the benefits of therapeutic cannabis so that others may have legal access to this valuable medicine are heroic. Kenny and Barbra both died from AIDS but before their deaths they put forth great effort in educating the HIV-infected population about how to apply for government access to marijuana, despite threats of having their prescriptions canceled.
I am also indebted to the hundreds of patients with whom I have communicated over the years who have shared their stories of their efforts to gain relief from suffering through their medical use of cannabis. To all of you, thank you for providing me the strength and determination to talk and write about a subject that has been condemned to silence over the years.
I also want to thank my family, friends, professional colleagues, and mentors for cheering us along as we sought to create a collaborative reference on therapeutic cannabis that can be used by patients, families and health care professionals. I am especially grateful for the understanding of my nursing colleagues at the University of Virginia, who have stood by me and, in effect, protected my reputation as a professional nurse while I continued to advocate for patients' rights to this medicine. Alone each of us is easily silenced; together we create a roar that will be heard.
And finally, I am grateful to my husband, Al Byrne, who always reminds me to "consider the source," and who managed the process that brought this work from an idea to publication.

Our valuable member Mary Lynn Mathre has been with us since Thursday, 12 December 2013.

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