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Books - American Diplomacy and the narcotics traffic
Written by Paul Goldstein   


Chapter one. The United States and the opium problem in the nineteenth century

Chapter two. The genesis of the international movement

Chapter three. The Shanghai Opium Commission

Chapter four. The Hague opium conferences

Chapter five. Opium as a domestic and international issue, 1914 to 1924

Chapter six. Tentative cooperation with the League of Nations, 1921—1924

Chapter seven. The Geneva opium conferences

Chapter eight. Sequel to Geneva: American isolation from the antidrug campaign

Chapter nine. American cooperation with the League in limiting manufacture

Chapter ten. American cooperation with the League on the Far Eastern problem and illicit traffic

Chapter eleven. American cooperation with the League in limitation at the source

Chapter twelve. Altruism and self-interest in America's narcotics diplomacy

Epilogue: A sketch of the international movement since 1939



Our valuable member Paul Goldstein has been with us since Monday, 20 February 2012.

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