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Books - Alcohol and Opiates
Written by Kenneth Blum   

List of Contributors
Foreword—Part I—Alcohol
Foreword—Part II — Opiates


1. A Critical Review of Progress towards an Animal Model of Alcoholism   
Howard J. Friedman and David Lester

2. Neurochemical Aspects of Ethanol Dependence   
Boris Tabakoff

3. Actions of Ethanol on Neuronal Membrane Properties and Synaptic Transmission   
Donald S. Faber and Manfred R. Klee

4. Tolerance as Adaptation: Interactions with Behavior and Parallels to Other Adaptive Processes   
A. Eugene Le Blanc and Howard Cappell

5. Alcohol Effects on Behavioral Performance 

Satanand Sharma, Kenneth Ziedman, and Herbert Moskowitz

6. Teratogenic Effects of in Utero Ethanol Exposure   
Carrie L. Randall

7. Pharmacogenetics of Alcoholism  
Richard A. Deitrich and Allan C. Collins

8. A Mechanism for Altered Adrenergic Activity in Alcoholism 
Gerald Cohen

9. Identification of Isoquinoline Alkaloids during Alcohol Intoxication    155
Michael A. Collins

10. Pharmacology of Isoquinoline Alkaloids and Ethanol Interactions
Maurice Hirst, Murray G. Hamilton, and Alice M. Marshall

11. Opiate-Ethanol Interaction Studies

Andrew K.S. Ho, Raymond C.A. Chen, and J. Michael Morrison

12. Alcohol and Opiates: A Review of Common Neurochemical and Behavioral Mechanisms
Kenneth Blum, Murray G. Hamilton, and Jack E. Wallace


13. Neurochemical Aspects of Opiate Dependence: An Overview   
Doris H. Clouet

14. Opiate Receptors: Isolation and Mechanisms   
Eric J. Simon

15. Ions, Opiates and Cellular Adaptation   
David H. Ross, Sherwood C. Lynn, Jr., and H. Lee Cardenas

16. Role of Phosphatidyl Serine in the Opiate Receptor   
L.G. Abood, F. Takeda, and N. Salem, Jr.

17. Opiates and Cyclic AMP   
Werner A. Klee

18. Pharmocological Heterogeneity of Narcotic Receptors   
Alfred A. Smith

19. Pharmacology of Endogenous Opiate-Like Peptides   
Horace H. Loh and Ping-Yee Law

20. Reinforcement of Behavior by Morphine Injections   
Steven R. Goldberg and Andrew H. Tang

21. Metabolic Stereospecificity of Opiate Agonist and Antagonist Drugs
Steven H. Pollock and Kenneth Blum

22. Future Research on Opioid Peptides (Endorphins): A Preview  
Avram Goldstein


Our valuable member Kenneth Blum has been with us since Thursday, 21 February 2013.

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